From Deuteromelia, 1609. Recorded as still being sung in the British Army in the Napoleonic wars.
Lyrics: Anon, probably the composer

Of all the brave birds that ever I see,
The owl is the fairest in her degree,
For all the day long she sits in a tree,
And when the night comes away flies she.
Te whit, Te whow, to whom drinks thou?
Sir knave to Thou.
This song is well sung, I make you a vow,
And he is a knave that drinketh now.
Nose, nose, nose, nose,
And who gave thee that jolly red nose?
Cinnamon and ginger, nutmegs and cloves,
And that gave thee thy jolly red nose.
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Thomas Ravenscroft
(c.1582 - c.1635)

The Owl

(T.T.B. + reduction)

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