John Okeover
(c.1595 - 1663)

Pavana a 5 in D minor
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This piece was most probably written for a consort of viols. All his five part pieces on notAmos derive from the same source, and designations of key and Roman numerals are editorial, for disambiguation purposes.

Details of Okeover's life are few, and often contradictory. Sometimes referred to as Oker, he is believed to have spent the majority of his career at Wells Cathedral, arriving there when Laud was Bishop (1619). He served there probably until 1639, but there are intimations of friction (possibly leading to dismissal) with the Dean & Chapter over liturgical practice (?anti-Laudianism). He is reputed to have served in Gloucester, in the parliamentarian cause, during the siege of 1643. After the period of suppression of cathedral music (1644 - 1660) he retired from obscurity to reclaim his post at Wells. However, there is confusion as to whether a sole man is identified or whether it is one man with an eponymous son (Worcester also claims a connexion).