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Richardson's Song (pub. 1701), unlike other slightly earlier pieces in similar vein (Purcell, Draghi), does not use the words by Dryden. I have been unable to identify the author of the poem. It would be not unacceptable to perform the piece one to a part.

Lyrics: Anon

Ye tuneful and harmonious quire,
Who tend'rest thoughts and softest notes inspire.
Teach me in sweet melodious lays
To sing your mighty patroness's praise;
Such moving notes, such tributary numbers bring,
As she when here below was wont herself to sing.
To thee, bright saint, to thee we pay
The graceful honours of this day.
Let ev'ry trumpet sound, and ev'ry viol play.

Let bright Cecilia's sacred name
On this blessed day be music's theme,
For she is pleased our music to preside;
She made the disagreeing chords agree
In concord and uniting harmony.
Music was hers, and she is music's pride.
To thee, bright saint, to thee we owe
What we poor artists here below
Of heav'n, of love, of thee and music know.

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Vaughan Richardson
(?1670 - 1729)

A song in praise of St Cecilia


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