Samuel Webbe
(1740 - 1816)

Webbe : Great Bacchus, O aid us : illustration

Great Bacchus, O aid us
(S.A.T.B.B. + reduction)
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From Warren's seventeenth collection of catches, canons and glees" This glee won a Catch Club prize medal in 1778.
Lyrics: Anon, probably the composer

Great Bacchus, O aid us to sing to thy great glory;
Thou chief of the gods, we assemble before thee,
Wine's first projector, mankind's protector.
Hail! Patron of social delights, we adore thee;
All nature rejoiced when thy birth was declared,
Behold here thy altar and vot'ries prepared.
Crown with thy blessing all, who confessing
No power on earth can be with thine compared.