George Berg
(c.1730 - 1775)

Epitaph on General Wolfe
(A.T.T.B. + reduction)
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Between 1763 and 1794 Thomas Warren published, through differing publishers, an annual collection of catches, canons and glees, under the aegis of the Catch Club. This item was published in the twelfth such collection.
Lyrics: Anon

Beneath this stone, entombed with martial fame,
Lies Wolfe the brave, of ever-glorious name.
O passenger, with awe approach this bust,
Enriched and hallowed by your hero's dust.
Recount his deeds and pay the friendly tear,
To virtue, truth and honour rested here:
Yea let your generous bosom melt with grief,
To pay the last sad tribute to your chief.
Nor let a Briton pass the hallowed pile,
But stop and weep the glory of his isle,
In triumph slain. O youth as good as brave,
Torn from thy conquest to the humble grave,
Farewell! Be blessed and angels speed thy flight
To the bright regions of eternal light.