Giovanni Francesco Ramella
(fl.1590 - 1615)

Veni, dilecte me
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One of a collection of settings from the Song of Solomon from Promptuarii musici (vol. 3), 1613.
Lyrics: Song of Solomon ch.1 v.1; ch.2 v.5

Veni dilecte mi, te desiderat anima mea.
Ostende mihi faciem tuam, et sufficit quia amore langueo,
Veni ut osculeris me osculo oris tui, et abscondaris inter ubera mea.
Veni cito, veni dilecte mi, ad te suspiro et amore langueo,
Fulcite me floribus, quia deficio,
Stipate me malis, quia amore morior.

Come my love, my soul longs for thee.
Shew me thy face, and it will suffice that I am sick with love,
Come to kiss me with the kisses of thy mouth, and hide between my breasts.
Come quickly my love, I yearn for you and am sick with love.
Stay me with flagons, for I weaken,
Comfort me with apples, for I will die of love.