Milgrove was Precentor of the Countess of Huntingdon's Chapel in Bath (see illustration). This setting comes from his first (of three) collections of "hymns as they are sung at the Right Honourable the Countess of Huntingdon's chappel in Bath". The general congregation (sometimes divided into men and women) should sing the Air, accompanying harmonies to be taken by the choir.
Lyrics: Charles Wesley

Ho. Everyone that thirsts draw nigh,
'Tis God invites the fallen race:
Mercy and free salvation buy,
Buy wine and milk and gospel grace.

Come, to the living waters, come,
Sinners, obey your Maker's call:
Return, ye weary wanderers, home,
And find my grace reached out to all.

See, from the rock a fountain rise;
For you in healing streams it rolls.
Money ye need not bring, nor price,
Ye labouring, burdened sin-sick souls.

Nothing ye in exchange shall give:
Leave all ye have, and are, behind;
Frankly the gift of God receive;
Pardon and grace in Jesus find.
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Benjamin Milgrove
(1731 - 1810)

Milgrove : Ho. Everyone that thirsts draw nigh : illustration

Ho. Everyone that thirsts draw nigh


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