Easter motet from Cymbalum Sionium, Leipzig, 1615.
Lyrics: Anon

Quem quaeris Magdalena? Quem deflens Maria?
Dominum meum quaero hoc positum in sepulchro.
Ne lugeas quaeso resipisce rogo
Sed una mecum laetitiae candida signa dato.
Non enim hic amplius jacet Christi caro,
Sed jam gloriosa fulgebit in coelo. Alleluia.

Whom do you seek, O Magdalen? Whom, O weeping Mary?
I seek my Lord, who was laid in this tomb.
Please do not mourn: for I ask you to repent
as one with me, given clear indications of joy.
For it is not now enough that Christ's flesh lies here,
But that He now shines in glory in heaven. Alleluia.
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Johann Hermann Schein
(1586 - 1630)

Schein : Quem quaeris Magdalena? : illustration

Quem quaeris Magdalena?


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