John Wall Callcott
(1766 - 1821)

Callcott : On a summer's morning early : illustration

On a summer's morning early
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This catch gained a Catch Club prize medal in 1786.

This is one of those catches that is more lubricious in performance than the anodyne lyrics might suggest (although the mention of a character named Roger will have warned the seasoned catch-singer of the delights to come).

This edition comprises a modern realisation, and a statement of the piece in its original specialised format.
Lyrics: Anon, probably the composer

On a summer's morning early,
Dorcas, and her daughter gay,
Leasing in a field of barley,
Thus with chat beguiled the way:

"Have you, Nancy, thought of marriage,
Roger works both day and night?
Have you marked of late his carriage?
In you, sure, he takes delight".

"In the kitchen, pantry, stable,
Cowhouse, at the garden gate,
He's as willing as he's able,
Roger rogers soon or late".