Joseph Corfe (arr.)
(1740 - 1820)

(S.A.T.B. + reduction)
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Corfe, organist of Salisbury Cathedral, 1792 - 1804, issued two sets of "Twelve glees.... composed from ancient Scotch melodies" in the early 1790s, to satisfy two contemporary enthusiasms: that for mixed sex social music, and that for all things North-British. The current arrangement comes from the second set.

These glees were selected from a repertoire of well-known Scottish songs that had been anthologised in the previous seventy years. Corfe appears to have been particularly indebted for source material to James Johnson's "Scots Musical Museum", Edinburgh 1787, which included texts edited and improved by Robert Burns. Verses that are not underlaid were not included by Corfe, and have been imported from external sources (most especially the aforementioned "Scots Musical Museum").
Lyrics: Allan Ramsay

When first you courted me, I own
I fondly favoured you;
Apparent worth and high renown
Made me believe you true, Donald.
Each virtue then seemed to adorn
The man esteemed by me;
But now the mask's thrown off, I scorn
To waste one thought on thee, Donald.

Oh, then for ever haste away;
Away from love and me;
Go seek a heart that's like your own,
And come no more to me, Donald.
For I'll reserve myself alone,
For one that's liker me;
If such a one I cannot find,
I'll ne'er love man nor thee, Donald.