Richard Bellamy
(?1743 - 1813)

Ye woods and ye valleys
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From Bellamy's collection of glees published in 1789.

Bellamy was one of the most prominent basses of his day, appointed a Gentleman of the Chapel Royal (1771), a lay vicar of Westminster Abbey (1773), and a vicar choral of St Paul's Cathedral (1777), where he was also Master of the Choristers. He was dismissed from all his posts in 1800 for "great indecency" with some of the choirboys. "Drunkenness, I suppose, brought on a temporary insanity, foolishness! and beastliness!" according to R.J.S. Stevens.
Lyrics: Anon

Ye woods and ye valleys lament,
Your splendour must cease to appear;
In grief wave your tops by consent
And mournfully close the sad year.

The season now strips off your bloom,
And lays bare your heads to cool blasts;
To the cattle no longer a home,
Each to some closer covert now hastes.

Adieu to your mantles of green
And the majestic nods of your heads;
Now dismal and barren ye are seen,
In condolence, as it were, for the dead.

Each swain stands aghast at the change,
Or pensively moves in despair;
Each object seems awkward and strange,
As if its dissolution drew near.

The hours in dread silence glide on,
All gloomy the mansion is found;
Its supporter, its master, is gone,
And sadness prevails all around.