Richard Bellamy
(?1743 - 1813)

On yonder lofty stalk
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From Bellamy's collection of glees published in 1789.

Bellamy was one of the most prominent basses of his day, appointed a Gentleman of the Chapel Royal (1771), a lay vicar of Westminster Abbey (1773), and a vicar choral of St Paul's Cathedral (1777), where he was also Master of the Choristers. He was dismissed from all his posts in 1800 for "great indecency" with some of the choirboys. "Drunkenness, I suppose, brought on a temporary insanity, foolishness! and beastliness!" according to R.J.S. Stevens.
Lyrics: Anon

On yonder lofty stalk behold
The sunflower in its pride;
With burnished gold encircled round,
That shines on every side.

Phoebus, her glorious sire confessed,
To him with ardent gaze
She turns around her glitt'ring breast.
And meets his noontide rays.

Supported by parental pow'r,
Her stems exalted rise,
O'ertop the height of every flow'r,
And aim to reach the skies.

But soon as summer's heats decay,
And wintry clouds appear,
She feels no more the genial ray,
But sickens with the year.