Richard Suett
(1755 - 1805)

Let laughing mirth and carol blithe
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A glee written by Suett for use at the Ad Libitum Society, of which he was a member.

The Ad Libitum Society was a dining club (like the Beefsteak Club, with which it had members and premises in common), which maintained its own kitchen, wine cellar and cook, and where professional musicians and gentleman amateurs could meet and socialise together. Suett himself was a comedian and professional singer.
Lyrics: Edward Bearcroft jnr.

Let laughing mirth and carol blithe
Now blunt the edge of time's keen scythe;
For when on British steaks we dine,
Libations flow at friendship's shrine.

Then lively wit, with roguish eye,
Oft sports the joke that seeks reply;
Then thoughtful care cannot control
Our social intercourse of soul.

Then let us pleasure's wreath entwine
With myrtle intermix'd with vine;
And while we thus each joy improve,
Let Bacchus fix the dart of love.