Pring was organist of St Botolph Aldgate, and a founder member of the Concentores Society (glee club).
Lyrics: John Cunningham

As I wove, with wanton care,
Fillets for a virgin's hair,
Cupid (and I marked him well)
Hid him in a cowslip bell.
While he plumed a pointed dart,
Fated to inflame the heart,
Glowing with malicious joy,
Sudden I secured the boy,
And, regardless of his cries,
Bore the little frighted prize,
Where the mighty goblet stood,
Teeming with a rosy flood.
"Urchin", in my rage I cried,
"What avails thy fancy pride?
Thus I drown thee in my cup;
Thus in wine I drink thee up."
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Jacob Cubitt Pring
(1770 - 1799)

As I wove, with wanton care

(A.T.T.B. + reduction)

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