Jacob Cubitt Pring
(1770 - 1799)

Hence, hence avaunt
(S.A.T.T.B. + reduction)
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Pring was organist of St Botolph Aldgate, and a founder member of the Concentores Society (glee club).
Lyrics: Thomas Gray

Hence, hence avaunt! 'tis holy ground.
Comus and his midnight crew
And Ignorance with look profound,
And dreaming Sloth of pallid hue;
Mad Sedition's cry profane,
Servitude that hugs her chain.
Nor in these consecrated bowers
Let painted Flatt'ry hide her serpent train in flowers.

Nor Envy base, nor creeping Gain,
Shall dare the Muses' walk to stain
While bright-eyed Science watches round:
Hence avaunt! 'tis holy ground.