Stephen Paxton
(1734 - 1787)

Paxton : Round the hapless Andre's urn : illustration

Round the hapless Andre's urn
(A.T.T.B. + reduction)
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Major André was executed as a spy by Washington's Continental Army in 1780. Paxton's setting of his elegy was awarded a Catch Club Prize Medal in 1781.
Lyrics: Anna Seward

Round the hapless André's urn
Be the cypress foliage spread;
Fragrant spice profusely burn,
Honours grateful to the dead.

Let a soldier's manly form
Guard the vase his ashes bears;
Truth in living sorrow warm,
Pay a mourning nation's tears.

Fame his praise upon thy wing;
Through the world dispersing tell:
In the service of his king,
In his country's cause he fell.