Leonardo Levanto

Attendite qui Dominum amatis
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Contrafact of de Levanto's secular "Or che la mia bellissima", arranged by Simone Molinaro and published in Venice, 1610.
Lyrics: Anon

Attendite qui Dominum amatis
O quam jucundus cunctis.
Felix qui gustat Jesum
quem adorant omnes et benedicunt
Namque dum sperat se ostendit pergratum.
Heu misericors pater quam bonus est viventibus in caelo.

Behold, ye who love the Lord,
Such a joy to all.
Happy is he who experiences that Jesus
whom all praise and adore.
Indeed, while he hopes he shews himself most favoured,
Alas. merciful father, how good it is to the living in heaven.