Thomas Billington (arr.)
(1754 - ?1832)

Alloa House
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Billington issued two sets of "glees selected from the Scotch songs" in the late 1780s, to satisfy two contemporary enthusiasms: that for mixed sex social music, and that for all things North-British. The current arrangement comes from the second set.

These glees were selected from a repertoire of well-known Scottish songs that had been anthologised in the previous seventy years. Verses that are not underlaid were not included by Billington, and have been imported from external sources.
Lyrics: Alexander Webster

The springtime returns and clothes the green plains,
And Alloa shines more cheerful and gay;
The lark tunes his throat, and the neighbouring swains
Sing merrily round me whenever I stray.
But Sandy no more returns to my view,
No springtime me cheers, no music can charm,
He's gone and I fear me forever adieu.
Adieu every pleasure this bosom can charm.

O, Alloa House, how much thou art changed,
How silent, how dull to me is each grove.
Alone I here wander where once we both ranged,
Alas, where to please me my Sandy once strove.
Here, Sandy I heard the tales that you told,
Here listened whenever you sung.
Am I grown less fair then, that you are turned cold?
Or foolish believed a false flattering tongue?