Legh Richmond
(1772 - 1827)

Address to a wounded soldier
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Richmond was a clergyman and amateur composer of glees. He is credited with the invention and introduction of the hymnboard with moveable numbers.

The current item was printed for the Harmonic Society of Cambridge.
Lyrics: Joseph Hucks

Say, soldier, say, grim spectacle of pain,
What siren lured thee from thy peaceful home
To leave thy poor, thy small domestic train,
For toils of arms o'er billowy deeps to roam?
No beams of glory cheer thy hapless lot,
Thy name descends not to a future age;
Impelled to combat for thou know'st not what,
And urged to slaughter for another's rage.
While, gashed with wounds, thy limbs dishonoured sleep,
And waste and moulder on a foreign shore,
Thy widowed wife, thine orphan children weep,
And beg their scanty meal from door to door.