James Brooks
(1760 - 1809)

Now the moonbeam's trembling lustre
(S.S.A.B. + reduction)
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From Brooks' first set of glees, printed in London and Bath, c.1796.
Lyrics: Anna Letitia Barbauld

Now the moonbeam's trembling lustre
Silvers o'er the dewy green,
And in soft and shadowy colours
Sweetly paints the chequered scene,
Here beneath the opening branches
Streams a flood of softened light;
There the thick and twisted foliage
Spreads the browner gloom of night;
Far from hence be noisy clamour,
Sick disgust and anxious fear;
Pining grief and wasting anguish
Never keep their vigils here.

Choral songs and sprightly voices
Echo from her cell shall call;
Sweeter, sweeter than the murmur
Of the distant waterfall.
Ev'ry ruder gust of passion,
Lulled with music, dies away,
'Til within the charmed bosom
None but soft affections play;
Soft as when the evening breezes
Gently stir the poplar grove,
Brighter than the smiles of summer,
Sweeter than the breath of love.