John Clarke-Whitfeld
(1770 - 1836)

Savourna deligh, shelah O
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"The favourite Irish air, as sung with the greatest applause at the Bath concerts by Miss Parks, & harmonized for four voices with an accompaniment for the Piano Forte by Dr John Clarke, of Cambridge."

"Miss Parks" was Maria Parke, a professional singer and like her father, oboist John Parke, a stalwart of the Three Choirs Festivals.
Lyrics: Anon

Oh, the moment was sad when my love and I parted,
Savourna deligh, shelah Oh;
As I kissed off her tears I was nigh broken-hearted,
Savourna deligh, shelah Oh.
Wan was her cheek, which hung on my shoulder,
Cold was her hand; no marble was colder,
I felt that I never again should behold her,
Savourna deligh, shelah Oh.

Long I fought for my country, far from my true love,
Savourna deligh, shelah Oh,
All my pay and my booty I hoarded for you, love,
Savourna deligh, shelah Oh.
Peace was proclaimed: escaped from the slaughter,
Lauded at home, my sweet girl I sought there;
But sorrow, alas, to her cold grave had brought her
Savourna deligh, shelah Oh.