Old Sir Simon the king (with variations)
(Any instruments)
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One night it entered my mind to wander up and down
No company could I find 'til I came to the Rose and Crown
The barman was sick with the mumps, the maid was ill at her ease
The tapster was down in the dumps: they were all of one disease:
For drink shall make a man drunk, drunk shall make a man dry,
Dry shall make a man sick and sick shall make a man die
Says old Sir Simon the king, old Sir Simon the king
With his ale dropped toes and his malmesy nose
Sing hey ding ding-a ding ding

The tune's first appearance in print was in the 6th (1679) edition of the "Dancing Master" but it was first printed in its prevalent form as a set of variations with a ground bass in "Musick's Handmaid", 1689, attributed to Henry Purcell.

The current edition is a synthesis of versions appearing in "Musick's Handmaid" with versions found in the "Division Violin" and the "Division Flute". The last three bars have been added editorially to bring the attenuated version published in the two latter sources to a satisfactory conclusion. This edition is offered in D major with the violin in mind, and in G major for the treble recorder.