John Wilson
(1595 - 1674)

Wilson : From the fair Lavenian shore : illustration

From the fair Lavenian shore
(T.T.B. or S.S.B.)
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The presence of Shakespeare looms tantalisingly close. Wilson is believed to be that "Jack" Wilson named in stage directions in "Much ado about nothing". The words of this piece are often attributed to Shakespeare, although there are several candidates, Davenant (reputed by Aubrey to be Shakespeare's natural son) amongst them.
Lyrics: Anon

From the fair Lavenian shore
I your markets come to store;
Muse not, though so far I dwell,
And my wares come here to sell.
Such is the sacred hunger of gold:
Then come while I cry
"What d'ye lack, what d'ye buy?"
For here it is, to be sold.

I have beauty, honour, grace,
Fortune, favour, time and place,
And what else thou would'st request,
Even the thing thou likes the best.
First let me have but a touch of thy gold,
Then come to me lad,
Thou shalt have what thy dad never gave,
For here it is, to be sold.

Madam, come see what you lack
I've complexion in my pack;
White and red you may have in this place,
To hide your old and wrinkled face.
First let me have but a touch of your gold,
Then thou shall seem
Like a wench of fifteen,
Although you be threescore and ten years old.