Robert Broderip
(1758 - 1808)

Adieu the sweets of verdant spring
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From Broderip's "Miscellaneous collection of vocal music" published as his Op. IX.
Lyrics: Anon

Adieu the sweets of verdant spring
Adieu the charms that seasons bring,
The op'ning bud, the flow'r-clad plain
For me no more their bloom restrain.
Now welcome dreary darksome shades,
Where nought save horror's gloom invades,
Each hour to grief I now resign,
For Daphne never can be mine.

That form divine, those blooming charms,
Are doomed to bless another's arms,
While hopeless Damon's love-torn breast
Must pensive sigh, nor taste of rest.
But Daphne, though we now must part,
You still shall live within my heart;
That heart to love's soft feelings true
Which, whilst it beats, shall beat for you.