Lady Louisa Lennox's minuet - Mr Dawson's new minuet - Miss Cornish's minuet - Miss Wroughton's minuet - Mr Greville's minuet - The Honble. Col. Cosmo Gordon's minuet

From "Twenty four American country dances, as danced by the British during their winter quarters at Philadelphia, New York and Charlestown, Collected by Mr Cantelo, musician at Bath, where they are now dancing for the first time in Britain, with the addition of six favorite minuets now performing this current Spring season." [1785]

Surviving in a reduced keyboard version, these minuets were intended for orchestral performance, with horn and flute cues evidenced in the keyboard reduction.; cues which perhaps suggest a military band line-up.
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James Cantelo
(fl.1785 - 1790)

Six favorite minuets


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