Robert Broderip
(1758 - 1808)

Care enough, enough of sorrow
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From Broderip's "Miscellaneous collection of vocal music" published as his Op. IX.
Lyrics: Anon

Care enough, enough of sorrow
Ev'ry mortal man has known,
While we think upon tomorrow,
Lo, today is quickly flown.

If 'tis flown, welcome night, then
Spread thy dewy mantle wide,
And in torments of delight then
Pour around thy circling tide.

Soon the morn again shall meet us,
Soon the radiant sun shall rise;
Joys of day again shall greet us
When each nightly rapture dies.

Dreary wretch, whose bounded notions,
Lost in gloomy fogs of spleen,
Or like tempest-troubled ocean
Darken with the darkened scene.

Let us, noble souls possessing,
If we cannot fight with fate,
Grasp at bliss, enjoy each blessing,
Though of momentary date.

Care avaunt then, envy perish,
What have we with grief to do?
Mirth, good humour, love we'll cherish,
Joys, and only joys, pursue.