Joseph Baildon
(c.1727 - 1774)

Bacchus, Jove's delightful boy
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From "A collection of glees and catches for three and four voices, As they are performed at the Noblemen and Gentlemen's Catch Club. Never before printed."
Lyrics: Anacreon (trans. Francis Fawkes)

Bacchus, Jove's delightful boy,
Gen'rous god of wine and joy,
Still exhilarates my soul
With the rapture of the bowl.
Then with feather'd feet I bound,
Dancing in a festive round;
Then I feel, in sparkling wine,
Transports delicate, divine.
Then the sprightly music warms,
Songs delight and beauty charms;
Free and easy, light and gay,
Thus I charm the hours away.