James Oswald
(1710 - 1769)

Trio in A major, Op. 4, no. 3
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Allegro - Andante - Presto

"Six Trios for two German Flutes or two Violins, with a Violoncello Obligato, figur'd for the Harpsichord and compos'd by Dottel Figlio (after a new, easy and elegant style). Op.4to London. Printed for Chas. and Saml. Thompson in St Paul's Churchyard. Where may be had.....".

In later life, James Oswald claimed Dothel/Dottel Figlio to be one of his several noms de plume: a case of impersonation inflicted upon Niccolo Dothel (Fils), chamber musician to the Holy Roman Emperor, and a flautist of international repute. A detailed analysis/attribution of items printed in London with a whiff of The Temple of Apollo about them is under way, and will be published shortly.