Thomas Linley
(1733 - 1795)

Linley : He who could first two gentle hearts unbind : illustration

He who could first two gentle hearts unbind
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Elegy V from "Elegies for three Voices with an accompanyment for a Harpsichord and Violoncello Composed by Thomas Linley of Bath. London. Printed by P, Welcher in Gerrard Street, Soho, for the Author, and sold at his house in Bath; and at the Music Shops, where may be had the Opera of ye Royal Merchant by the same Author." c.1770.
Lyrics: Anon, probably the composer

He who could first two gentle hearts unbind,
And rob a lover of his weeping fair;
Hard was the man, but harder in my mind
The lover who died not of despair.

Sad is my day, and sad my ling'ring night,
When, wrapped in silent grief, I weep alone;
Emira's gone, and all my past delight
Is now the source of unavailing moan.

Where is the wit that heightened beauty's charms?
Where is the face that fed my longing eyes?
Where is the shape that still might bless these arms?
Where are those joys relentless fate denies?

Oh! turn once more ere I with grief expire,
And while I fold thee blushing to my breast.
We'll breathe love's secret thoughts and fond desire,
And soothe the anguish of our souls to rest.