Jonathan Battishill
(1738 - 1801)

Here sleeps what once had beauty
(A.T.B. + reduction)
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Elegy to the memory of Miss Drummond in the church of Brodsworth, Yorkshire.
Lyrics: Thomas Gray

Here sleeps what once had beauty, once had grace;
Grace, that with tenderness and sense combin'd
To form that harmony of soul and face,
Where beauty shines the mirror of the mind.
Such was the maid, that in the morn of youth,
In virgin innocence, in nature's pride,
Blest with each art that owes its charm to truth,
Sunk in her father's fond embrace and died.
He weeps: Oh venerate the holy tear!
Faith lends her aid to ease affliction's load;
The parent mourns his child upon her bier,
The Christian yields an angel to his God.