Richard Woodward
(1743 - 1777)

I faint! I die!
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Woodward was organist of Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin. This setting is intended as a glee and not for any liturgical purpose.
Lyrics: "The Spectator" (?Joseph Addison) after the Song of Solomon

I faint! I die! My lab'ring breast
Is with the mighty weight of love oppress'd;
I feel the fire possess my heart,
And pain convey'd to ev'ry part:
Thro' all my veins the passion flies,
My feeble soul forsakes its place,
A trembling faintness seals my eyes,
And paleness dwells upon my face:
Oh! let my love with pow'rful odours stay
My fainting love-sick soul, that dies away;
One hand beneath me let him place,
With t'other press me in a chaste embrace.