J. Cook
(fl.1796 - 1801)

In yonder shade
(S.A.T.B. + reduction)
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Pub. 1796 as a single item.
Lyrics: John Bayley

In yonder shade, the cypress grove,
We sylvan gods delight to rove,
By twilight are we tripping seen,
Treading the mazes of yon green.
Attend the call; we hither speed
To dance around the Doric reed.
With harmony let's fill the air,
And drown in pastime ev'ry care.
Mortals here, all thoughts dispelling,
Crowd around our leafy dwelling;
Grecian youths, Ionian maids,
Thread it through these winding glades.
Sportive frolic light and airy
With some gay fantastic fairy.
At morn, unseen, we quit our bow'r
And taste the herb and ambient flow'r;
When sun breaks forth, to cell are flown,
Old architect with ivy grown.
Till twilight grey again 'gins peep
Then all arise from our night's sleep,
And chant our revels brisk and gay,
And carol all the sweets of May.
Thus here we live, ye mortal clods,
Such are the lives of sylvan gods.