William Bennett
(fl.1770 - 1775)

Bennett : To render thanks unto the Lord : illustration

To render thanks unto the Lord
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William Bennett is believed to have practised as a singing teacher in Combeinteignhead, South Devon, throughout the 1770's. His extant published collection had an extensive subscription list, with a strong local flavour: "A New set of Psalm Tunes and Anthems, in four Parts, for the Use of Country Choirs: with an Introduction to Music: by William Bennett. Exeter: printed for the Author, and sold by Edward Score, Bookseller, and James Wallis in Plymouth. Exeter. Printed by R. Trewman behind the Cathedral." c.1770.

"Country Choirs" is a term often used to mean choirs in parish churches and proprietary chapels, as yet without an organ installed. Other instruments were employed instead (particularly 'cello or bassoon to reinforce the bass). Bennett has provided sufficient clues (cues) to indicate that he intended a bass instrument to be employed in this piece. The editorial keyboard reduction should be used only for practice, and not performance. If a bass instrument is available, it should be used to double the bass line, from which it diverges only in minor instances.
Lyrics: Psalm 28, v. 6 - 10

To render thanks unto the Lord,
How great a cause have I?
My voice, my prayer, and my complaint,
That heard so willingly.

He is my shield and fortitude,
My buckler in distress;
My heart rejoiceth greatly;
And my song shall him confess.

He is our strength and our defence,
Our foes for to resist,
The health and the salvation
Of his own elect by Christ.

Thy people and thy heritage,
Lord, bless, guide, and preserve;
Increase them, Lord, and rule their hearts,
That they may never swerve.