Thomas Arne
(1710 - 1778)

Arne : Why Chloe, still these jealous heats? (arr. Jackson) : illustration

Why Chloe, still these jealous heats? (arr. Jackson)
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This piece is an adaptation as a canzonet of a song by Thomas Arne, published in Jackson's vocal quartets, Op. XI.

Jackson was organist of Exeter Cathedral and a theorist on music. A friend of Thomas Gainsborough, he corresponded with him on the subject of aesthetics.
Lyrics: ? Thomas Arne

Why Chloe, still these jealous heats,
And why that falling tear?
The hearts that to a thousand beats
To one may be sincere.

To sweeten autumn's milder reign
The sultry summer glows,
And chilling dews and beating rain
Give freshness to the rose.

Thus I, my Chloe to endear,
To meaner beauties stray,
And call December to my year
To brighten up the May.

Then grieve not that my heart's inclined
To ev'ry face that's new;
I wander, to return more kind,
And change but to be true.