Thomas Arne
(1710 - 1778)

Poculum elevatum
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This glee is traditionally ascribed to Arne but, since its first appearance, in manuscript or print, is some thirty years after his death, the attribution is possibly wrong.
Lyrics: Anon

Poculum elevatum,
quod nobis est pergratum.
Poculum elevatissimum,
quod nobis est pergratissimum.
Bibamus, bibamus, bibamus,
Bibe totum extra, nil manet intra.
Hoc est bonum in visceribus meis.
Hoc est bonum in visceribus tuis,
Et nos consequimur laudes tuas.
O quam bonum est, O quam jucundum est,
Poculis fraternis gaudere.

O wine-cup, raised so high,
That is so welcome,
O wine cup raised most high,
That is most welcome.
We drink, we drink, we drink.
Drink it all, so none remains.
That is good for my frame,
That is good for your frame,
And we join your praises.
O how good it is, O how joyful,
To celebrate in brotherly wine-cups.