Giovanni Croce
(c.1557 - 1609)

Croce : Decantabat populus : illustration

Decantabat populus
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From Motetti a otto voce, Venice, 1603. Instruments may be used to replace or reinforce the voices. This edition is offered at original pitch.
Lyrics: Anon

Decantabat populus Israel. Alleluia.
Et universa multitudo Iacob canebat legitime. Alleluia.
Et David cum cantoribus citharam percutiebat
in domo Domini. Alleluia.
et laudes Deo canebat. Alleluia.

The people of Israel sang. Alleluia.
And Jacob rightly sang with the whole multitude. Alleluia.
And David struck his harp with the choir
in the house of the Lord. Alleluia.
And he sang praises to the Lord. Alleluia.