Lelio Bertani
(1554 - 1612)

O Trinitas beata
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Edition prepared from Hortus musicalis . . . authore R.P. Michaele Herrerrio (book 3), Munich, 1609
Lyrics: Anon

O Trinitas beata in unitate manens Omega et Alpha,
Cordibus nostris illabere tuo sancto timore.
Te vocamus in vota adesto gemebundis,
erroneos et animos guberna impiane ducantur voluptate.
Trinitas O beata carmine te jucundo perita
cohors licet angelorum, in carmine laudet dulcique sono.
Tutamen nostri chori undena voce te pie resonantis
in cælo memoreris ubi victoria datur et palma.

O blessed Trinity, Alpha and Omega enduring as one,
Pour into our hearts in thine holy awe.
We summon thee by vow to be present at our groanings,
that by thy guidance our wrongdoing souls may be led to bliss.
O blessed Trinity, allow the company of angels with pleasant and skilful song; let it praise you in song and sweet sound.
The band of our choir resounds in eleven voices unto you in heaven,
that you will remember where victory and the palm are to be bestowed.