Thomas Shaw
(c.1752 - c.1830)

Shaw : Heavenly choir, assist our strain : illustration

Heavenly choir, assist our strain
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"An Anthem on the lamented Death of Her Royal Highness, The Princess Charlotte of Wales. As performed at the Funeral Service in the Church of the Oratoire, Rue St Honore a Paris. The words by W. H. Ireland, and composed by Thomas Shaw, late Leader of the Band at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane and Vauxhall." London, 1817.
Lyrics: William Henry Ireland

Heavenly choir, assist our strain,
Seraphs leave your blissful throne;
Wake the notes to thrilling pain,
Embalm our anguished moan.
On your downy pinions bear
Charlotte's spirit, we deplore;
Beaming now your brightest care,
Radiant angel evermore.

Hover round us, spirits blest,
Shed the dew of heaven benign;
Let the cherub babe at rest
Sweetly on our sorrows shine.
In the mother's fond embrace
Waft from high the balmy store;
That devotion may enchase
Griefs our fervent bosoms pour.

Holy God! Almighty king!
May thy pity shield our grief;
Shade us with thy fost'ring wing
And in mercy yield relief.
Prostrate we thy will obey,
And with contrite tears implore
Mercy's light to guide our way,
Charlotte beams on us no more.