Franz Joseph Haydn (arr.)
(1732 - 1809)

Haydn (arr.) : My love was once a bonny lad (The Flowers of Edinburgh) : illustration

My love was once a bonny lad (The Flowers of Edinburgh)
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Composers since the time of Purcell, H. had been attempting to harmonise Scots tunes, particularly the pentatonic, empathetically. Haydn's attempts were more popluar than most, albeit no more successful.
Lyrics: Anon

My love was once a bonny lad,
He was the flower of a' his kin;
The absence of his bonny face
Has rent my tender heart in twain;
I day nor night find no delight,
In silent tears I still complain;
And exclaim 'gainst those my rival foes,
That hae ta'en from me my darling swain.

Despair and anguish fill my breast
Since I have lost my blooming rose;
I sigh and moan, while others rest,
His absence yields me no repose.
To seek my love I'll range and rove
Thro' ev'ry grove and distant plain:
Thus I'll ne'er cease, but spend my days
To hear tidings from my darling swain.