William Horsley
(1774 - 1858)

Tourne thee to thie shepster swayne
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Published London, 1801. Ye auntient orthographie of Chatterton's text, the "Mynstrelles Songe" from "Aella", an essential part of his confection, has not been "modernised".
Lyrics: Thomas Chatterton

Tourne thee to thie shepster swayne,
Bryght sonne has ne droncke the dewe
From the floures of yellowe hue,
Tourne thee, Alyce, back agayne.

See the moss grown daisey'd banke
Pereynge ynne the streme belowe;
Here we'lle sytte ynne dewie danke,
Tourne thee, Alyce, doe notte goe.

Lette us seate us bie this tree,
Laughe and synge to lovyinge ayres;
Comme and doe notte coyen bee,
Nature made all thynges bie payres.