John Davy
(1763 - 1824)

Within these groves and bowers serene
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Printed for the author and sold by Preston & son, London, 1790.
Lyrics: William Kendall

Within these groves and bowers serene
Retired from mortal haunts afar,
When rising o'er the shadowy green
Appears mild evening's welcome star;
We sportive Elves and wandering Sprites
Join on the flower-enamell'd ground
To celebrate our festive rites
Or lead the mazy dance around;
While lightly glance our nimble feet,
Smooth sliding o'er the tender grass.
We haste Titania's train to meet,
Nor shake a dew-drop as we pass:
And oft, on silken wings upborne,
Thro' the dun air our sports pursue;
Till, scatter'd at th'approach of morn,
We quickly vanish from her view.