James Corfe
(1713 - c.1765)

Fill me a bowl
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Publ. c.1745 in A Collection of Songs..Opera terza. Corfe, a tenor, sang as a soloist in Handel's oratorios in the 1740s. Any similarity to Handel's style (and in particular to the opening phrase of "Total eclipse" (Samson)) is probably fortuitous.
Lyrics: John Oldham

Fill me a bowl, a mighty bowl
Large as my capacious soul;
Vast as my thirst is, let it have
Depth enough to be my grave:
I mean the grave of all my care,
For I design to bury it there.
Let it of silver fashion'd be,
Worthy of wine, worthy of me;
Worthy to adorn the spheres,
As that bright cup amongst the stars.