James Corfe
(1713 - c.1765)

No more shall beauty crown the spring
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Publ. c.1745 in A Collection of Songs..Opera terza.
Lyrics: Thomas Carew

No more shall beauty crown the spring,
Nor sweetness dwell in flowers,
Nor warbling birds delight to sing
Amidst the rosy bowers.
No seasons shall the year divide,
Nor violets paint the grove,
The purling streams shall cease to glide,
When I forsake my love.

Cupid shall all his shafts lay by,
The sun refuse his light;
And Venus' doves forget to fly
And day be turned to night.
The fish shall in the ocean burn,
And earth contrary move;
The fountains sweet shall bitter turn,
When I forsake my love.

Love shall no more inhabit earth,
Nor you in heaven dwell,
Nor lovers more shall love for worth,
Nor pains torment in hell:
Life shall no more desired be,
Nor death shall horrid prove;
The world shall vanish instantly,
When I forsake my love.