Robert Valentine
(c.1672 - 1747)

Sonata in D major. Op. 12a no. 6
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Adagio - Allegro - Adagio - Vivace - Andante - Allegro

Sonate per il Flauto Traverso col Bassoche possono servire per Violino, Mandola et Oboe.... da Roberto Valentine Inglese. Opera 12a. Se Vend A Paris Chez Mr.Maupetit. c.1730. The Op. numbering 12a [duodecima] has here been retained to distinguish this set from that of twelve violin solos Op 12[th] issued earlier by Walsh.

Valentine was of the second generation of a prominent musical family that flourished in Leicester for more than a century. He became a naturalized Italian, settled in Rome and published throughout Northern Europe.