Alexander Campbell
(1764 - 1824)

Adieu, ye jovial youths
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Pub. London and Edinburgh, c.1786.

Campbell settled in Edinburgh from Stirling, and was an organist there. By repute he was friends with Burns and gave singing lessons (albeit unsuccessfully) to the young Walter Scott.
Lyrics: William Shenstone

Adieu, ye jovial youths who join
To plunge old Care in floods of wine;
And as your dazzled eyeballs roll,
Discern him struggling in the bowl.

Nor yet is hope so wholly flown
Nor yet is thought so tedious grown,
But limpid stream and shady tree
Retain, as yet, some sweets for me.

And see, through yonder silent grove,
See yonder does my Daphne rove;
With pride her footsteps I pursue
And bid your frantic joys adieu.

The sole confusion I admire
Is that my Daphne's eyes inspire;
I scorn the madness you approve
And value reason next to love.