Philip Hayes
(1738 - 1797)

Hayes : O come. My dearest Delia : illustration

O come. My dearest Delia
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Published in The Muses' Delight, 1786.
Lyrics: Anon

O come, my dearest Delia, to my arms.
My soul awake, behold her heav'nly charms;
Behold her straying thro' yon lonely vale,
Singing more pleasing than the nightingale.
Her teeth are whiter than the driven snow,
Her jetty locks in careless ringlets flow;
Her blooming cheeks the damask rose out-vie,
Which at her beauteous form doth fade and die;
Her glossy eyes display a crystal hue,
Which Venus would with admiration view.
Come thee, O lovely Delia, to my arms,
Let me again embrace thy virgin charms.
But ah! alas, from me she's ever fled;
No more shall I with flow'rs adorn her head.
Again I'll to my lonely cott return;
For thee, O Delia, my fond heart shall burn.