Henry Carey
(c.1687 - 1743)

Is there a charm, ye powers above
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Edition prepared from Universal Harmony, a collection of songs published 1746. The song appeared in several similar collections.
Lyrics: Anon, probably the composer

Is there a charm, ye pow'rs above,
To ease a wounded breast;
Thro' reason's glass to look at love,
To wish and yet to rest?
Let wisdom boast, 'tis all in vain,
An empire o'er the mind;
'Tis beauty, beauty holds the chain
And triumphs o'er mankind.

Thrice happy birds, who on the spray
Unartful notes prolong:
Your feather'd mates reward the lay,
And yield to pow'rful song.
By nature fierce, without control,
The human savage ran;
Till love refin'd his stubborn soul,
And civilized the man.

Verse turns aside the tyrant's rage,
And cheers the drooping slave;
It wins a smile from hoary age,
And disappoints the grave.
The force of numbers must succeed,
And soothe each other ear;
Tho' my fond cause should Phoebus plead,
He'd find a Daphne here.

Did heav'n such wondrous gifts produce
To curse our wretched race;
Say, must we all the heart accuse,
And yet approve the face?
Thus in the sun, bedropp'd with gold,
The basking adder lies;
The swain admires each shining fold,
Then grasps the snake and dies.