John Clarke-Whitfeld
(1770 - 1836)

Sweet Echo!
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from Eight Glees, Op. 4. Published in 1798, when Clarke was Master of the Boys at the Chapel Royal, Dublin.
Lyrics: Erasmus Darwin

Sweet Echo! sleeps thy vocal shell,
Where this high arch o'erhangs the dell;
While Tweed, with sun-reflecting streams,
Chequers thy rocks with dancing beams?

Here may no clamours harsh intrude,
No brawling hound or clarion rude;
Here no fell beast of midnight prowl,
And teach thy tortured cliffs to howl!

Be thine to pour these vales along
Some artless shepherd's evening song;
While night's sweet bird, from yon high spray
Responsive, listens to his lay.

And if, like me, some love-lorn maid
Should sing her sorrows to thy shade,
Oh, sooth her breast, ye rocks around,
With softest sympathy of sound.