Joseph Baildon
(c.1727 - 1774)

Adieu to the village delights
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From the glee club repertoire.
Lyrics: Anon, probably the composer

Adieu to the village delights,
Which lately my fancy enjoyed;
No longer the country invites;
To me all its pleasures are void.
Adieu thou sweet health-breathing hill,
Thou can'st not my comfort restore;
For ever adieu, my dear vill;
My Lucy, alas, is no more.
She was the cure of my pain,
My blessing, my honour, my pride;
She ne'er gave me cause to complain,
Til that fatal day when she died.
Her eyes that so beautiful shone
Are closed for ever in sleep;
And mine, since my Lucy is gone,
Have nothing to do but to weep.
Could my tears the bright angel restore,
Like a fountain they never would cease;
But Lucy alas is no more,
And I am a stranger to peace.
Let me copy with fervour devout
The virtues that glowed in her heart;
Then soon, when life's sand is run out,
We shall meet again, never to part.