James Oswald
(1710 - 1769)

Oswald : Airs for the seasons - Myrtle : illustration

Airs for the seasons - Myrtle
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Mezzo voce Moderato - Allegro - Minuetto Vivace

James Oswald wrote two sets of Airs for the Seasons, each set comprising twelve pieces for each season; a total of ninety-six miniatures, each representing a plant at its most distinctive period in the year. The original pieces survive as figured keyboard solos (also available) playable as violin/flute sonatas. Oswald later provided second violin/flute parts for the first set of Airs, which can be performed with or without the second part.

The pieces for Summer are: Bachelor's Button, Columbine, Corn flag*, Flos Adonis, Foxglove, Honeysuckle, Heather Bells, Heliotrope, Hollyhock, Larkspur, Lily, Magnolia*, Melianthus, Myrtle*, Oleander, Pink, Poppy, Rose, Sweet William, Syringa, Thistle*, Turk's cap, Veronica, Virgin's Bower. All are suitable for violin(s), or (except where marked *) for flute(s).